Depression services offered in Chandler, AZ and Boise, ID


Don’t just wait for persistent feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, or hopelessness to pass. These feelings are a sign that you might be suffering from depression and would benefit from consulting with psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner Frances Spink DNP, MSN, MBA, PMHNP-BC, at Essential Mental Healthcare, PLLC, which has locations in Chandler, Arizona, and Boise, Idaho. If you’re feeling excessive hopelessness and have trouble carrying out normal day-to-day activities, call the office or use the online booking feature to request an in-person or virtual consultation today.

What is depression?

Depression affects how you behave, feel, and think. This mood disorder gets in the way of work, school, social relationships, and family. You feel sad, hopeless, and lose interest in activities that you once loved.

How do I know I have depression?

Depression may be the cause if you or a loved one has been exhibiting any of these symptoms for two weeks or longer:

  • Feelings of hopelessness or emptiness
  • Loss of interest in most activities, including sex, sports, hobbies, and work
  • Sleep disturbances — either insomnia or oversleeping
  • Weight changes — either loss of weight or weight gain
  • Feelings of worthlessness or self-blame
  • Serious lack of energy

Unexplained physical problems may also be a sign of depression, such as back pain and headaches. Suicidal thoughts are also a sign of depression and require immediate care.

Won’t depression resolve on its own?

Everyone has low feelings or periods of sadness when going through a challenging event. Depression isn’t just a temporary state of these “blues.” You can’t just pull yourself together or “get over it.” True depression can persist for years and indicates an ongoing, settled state in the brain that needs treatment. 

Dr. Spink understands that every patient is different and sees her job as helping patients find solutions to problems. Her methods of psychotherapy and providing referrals for medications if needed can help you feel like yourself again. 

What treatments are available for depression?

Dr. Spink begins with a comprehensive review of your mental and physical health. She consults with you to learn more about your medical history, social support systems, family life, and work environment. She integrates psychoanalytic psychotherapy with cognitive-behavioral and existential modes in his approach to treatment. Through her approach, she helps patients understand the ‘why’ that can bring relief when one’s problems seem ridiculous, unnecessary, unexplained, or irrational.

You may be a candidate for antidepressant medications to help correct an ongoing, settled state like depression that may be contributing to your depressive symptoms. These medications aren’t habit-forming and don’t artificially boost your mood. Essential Mental Healthcare, PLLC, uses GeneSight® genetic testing to pinpoint the medications most likely to be effective for your genetic makeup.

Dr. Spink also helps you work through events or traumas that are contributing to your psychological condition. You don’t have to tolerate feelings of sadness or lack of motivation. Depression is a real medical issue, not a personal weakness, that deserves intervention. 

Dr. Spink values her time with each patient, helping them track and translate the themes that emerge through each session. She may provide self-work assignments to help with correcting cognitive errors, managing stress and emotional responses, and adding desired behavior patterns. 

If you’re ready to work through depression, call Essential Mental Healthcare, PLLC, or request an appointment online today.